Content Marketing

Taking your Personal Brand Online

Think about the limitations of how many people you can give the same message to in person. How many times would you have to repeat the same conversation about what you do, what you believe in and how you operate?

Now imagine that everyone you meet already knows what you do, they like the same things you like, and they understand how what you do can bring them value.

You've just seen a glimpse into your world when you've got successful content marketing.

If you're not broadcasting what you're saying in person, on the internet, through video, blogs, articles, newsletters, even your website content, then how are people supposed to know who you are or what you're doing?

If they don't know either of those things, the chances of them buying from you are slim. Selling doesn't have to be as repulsive as cold-calling…in fact, if you truly believe what you're selling will help people, you're being irresponsible by NOT making it widely known.

As long as you make yourself visible and communicate clearly what it is that you do, when people need you, they know where you are. If you're only ever available in person, it's a lot quicker and easier for them to Google an alternative.